Therapy Services

Comprehensive Assessment
Following initial consultation and treatment planning an individual, family or couple may be referred for a comprehensive assessment, especially if individual, family or couples’ therapy is being recommended.  This is usually the first step of therapy by a licensed professional who will explore identified presenting problems and history of these problems in more depth to formulate and develop treatment goals for on-going therapy or counseling.    In legal proceedings, the initial assessment may also be required to be submitted to a judge or attorney, in which case a written report will be developed. For more information, Click here.

$150/hour   (additional $50 if written report is required)

Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling was developed specifically for couples who have “mixed agendas”.
Unlike couples therapy, the purpose of Discernment Counseling is not to work to improve the problems in the relationship, but rather to help the couple decide whether or not they want to preserve their relationship.  Discernment counseling is typically brief (one to five sessions) and is more accurately an assessment process, rather than couples treatment. This service aims to help both partners consider all of their options and the potential outcomes before taking action. The goal of discernment counseling is achieved when both partners agree on how they want to move forward. For more information, Click here.

Family Reintegration Therapy
Family Reintegration therapy is a complex, therapeutic process that comes into play in high conflict divorce cases, where one parent is not seeing the child.  The purpose and goals of Family Reintegration therapy vary, but RT is designed to provide a safe place, under the supervision of a licensed professional, where the damaged relationship between child and noncustodial parent can begin the process of repair. To begin this therapeutic intervention, the first step is to go to mediation and work out an agreement with the custodial parent and request Family Reintegration therapy in order to make contact with the child. For more information, Click here.


Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
Therapeutic supervised visitation services are designed to provide specialized and intensive services to vulnerable children and their parents, who cannot have unsupervised access to their children due a court order. This service allows visiting parents to receive support from skilled clinicians so that the parent-child relationship can safely continue and be strengthened while pending legal issues are addressed by the child protective and court systems. For more information, Click here.


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