Mediator Services

Family/ Divorce Mediation
Family Mediation is also known as divorce mediation. It is the process in which a qualified mediator (registered with the Louisiana State Bar Association) helps facilitate the resolution of family disputes. The mediator is an impartial third party who helps each participant identify and prioritize the issues that need to be resolved and discuss possible solutions to help the family come to a voluntary agreement. For more information, Click here.

Parenting Plan Development
A Parenting Plan is a written document, agreed upon by both parents, outlining how the parents will care for their children after the separation and/or divorce. This plan details custody arrangements, decision-making processes, information sharing, the sharing of time with the children, residential arrangement, scheduling details, including holidays, the agreement time period and other pertinent details so that all family members know what is expected of them. This plan is then filed with the court and, once approved by the judge, becomes the legally binding guideline for each parent. For more information, Click here.

Supervised Visitation
Supervised visitation services are designed to help parents in high-conflict or high-risk situations have access to their children in a safe, supervised environment. Generally, the visits take place in our office in the presence of a mental health professional in an area that allows for normal interaction and play. For more information, Click here.
$70/hour + $30 travel if applicable
Supervised Child Exchange
When there are restrictions placed on the contact between co-parents by the courts or if co-parents have a highly conflictual relationship and prefer limited contact, Family Care provides a neutral place for the safe transfer of children. For more information, Click here.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
Therapeutic supervised visitation services are designed to provide specialized interventions and support to children and their high-conflict or high-risk parents from skilled, licensed clinicians so that the parent-child relationship can safely continue and be strengthened. For more information, Click here.


Family Mediation & Divorce
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