Family Therapy

The Process

As with all of our therapy services, you’ll begin with a Comprehensive Assessment so your counselor can get a thorough history and background. Family Therapy, unlike Individual Therapy, is a systemic look at the entire family with the goal of rooting out the underlying issues. 

The work we’ll do together is all about increasing understanding and collaboration between family members. While one family member’s behavior or issues may be the initial reason for seeking counseling, family therapy aims to uncover the patterns within the family that contribute to the behavior. The end goal is learning how to support each other while addressing the conditions that lead to unwanted behaviors. 

Your counselor is there with you every step of the way, providing not just a diagnostic view of what isn’t quite right, but rather focusing on how the family can do the work to achieve a peaceful and prosperous future together. 


Why It’s Beneficial

Family issues are often much more complex than they may appear at face value. Oftentimes, a family may come in for therapy because of a single problem with one person. But through the process of therapy, we discover there is much more beneath that. Typically, one person’s issues or behaviors are merely a symptom of a larger disease.

Having an impartial third party with therapeutic knowledge and experience in your corner can help you to completely reframe how you view and approach your family life. Not only can it help you overcome specific obstacles that may be harming one family member; it can revitalize the health of all your family connections and help you move forward in a more fully realized manner. 


Who You’ll Be Working With 

Tim, Rob, Candy & Shawnta all offer this service. As with our individual therapy, you may find you fit best with one particular counselor, so we will help you match with the person you feel best fits your family’s style. Each of them are licensed therapy professionals with experience in navigating complex family dynamics as well as individual issues. They will work diligently alongside your family to uncover the core issues holding you back and help you blaze a confident, healthy new path together. 


Further Reading 

A full breakdown from the renowned Mayo Clinic on what family therapy is, how it works, and what it aims to achieve.  

Getting started in therapy can be difficult for many people. There are rampant misconceptions about what therapy is like and what you’ll undergo in the sessions. Check out this quick article, which accurately dispels the myths surrounding family therapy. 

An illustrative example of why choosing family therapy could be the key to helping your child(ren) move past stubborn issues that are impacting not only their lives, but the health of your family unit. 

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