Divorce Coaching

The Process

 As with all of our coaching services, an Initial Assessment & Consultation is required before Divorce Coaching can begin. Once we have gotten to know your situation more personally, we’ll be in a better spot to support you throughout the divorce proceedings. 

 While your lawyers focus on the technical legal aspects of the separation and divorce, your coach is there to help you prepare for the rigors of the process. They obviously serve as an emotional support, but they also assist with accountability and organization. 

 Working with a coach means you’re not alone through this difficult time and you have a professional with extensive knowledge in your corner. We’ll hold your hand through everything and help ensure that you come out on the other side of what can be, for many people, an incredibly harrowing experience. 


Why It’s Beneficial

In addition to having crucial emotional support, working with a divorce coach can actually drastically reduce the cost burden of your divorce. If you’re not relying on your lawyer for every little thing, your legal fees are going to be lower. 

Additionally, your coach is intimately familiar with the process of divorce, so you’ll never be walking into anything blind. You’ll be able to prepare yourself—financially and emotionally—to navigate the complex web of divorce. 


Who You’ll Be Working With 

Tim & Candy both provide this service. They each have extensive experience in coaching and are extremely familiar with all the ins-and-outs of divorce proceedings—both from a legal standpoint and an emotional standpoint. Their therapeutic backgrounds add an extra layer of meaningful support to our clients. 


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